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The Innovative Traction !

A hydrostatic wheel motor directly mounted on a planetary gear reduction box drives each of the forwarders powerful wheels. A hydrostatic pump sending power through high-pressure hydraulic hoses powers each tandem. This innovative drive system does not require high maintenance and costly mechanical components. Trans-Gesco machines have no transmissions and no differentials.

An in-board computer senses the steering angle of the machine and adjusts the flow of each traction pump to match the required tandem speed. The two traction pumps activating the faster turning outside tandems send more flow than the inside traction pumps resulting in :

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  • All tandems are locked at all the time without any drag.
  • The tandems become the steering. The steering cylinders are essentially used only to maintain the steering angle.
  • Smaller effective turning radius.
  • Steering without having to be moving.
  • Less ground disturbance.
  • Dual horse power limiter to optimise driving spee.
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