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Download TG88D Forwarder specifications sheet, video and pictures.

Info Traction

TG88D is also available as a robust and highly productive eight-wheel drive forwarder with a versatile wood basket and the option of a telescopic stick or an hydraulic live heel on the loader to forward shorwood or long trees up to 10 meters. The TG88D shortwood forwarder provides the following advantages :

The TG88D Forwarder features :

  • Large 25 ton payload (22 680 kg).
  • Low ground pressure.
  • High stability and superior traction for increased slopeability.
  • Strong, robust and fast loader equipped with a telescopic stick with 26 foot reach (7,9m).
  • Large 67 square foot wood basket designed to maximise payload for various log lengths up to 35 feet long (10m).
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