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TG88E Clambunk Forwarder
TG88E Grapple Skidder -TG88D Forwarder

Download TG88E Clambunk Skidder specifications sheet, video and pictures.

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Large 35 ton (31 750 kg) payload capacity for economical long distanceskidding. Huge cost saving by reducing road construction. The TG88E outproduces feller buncher production on long skid distances in most logging conditions.

Increased Feller Buncher Production! Unlike a grapple skidder, which tries to pick up a full load in one movement, the TG88 clambunk proceeds in stages, loading small tree bunches from the back to the front of the skid trail. The clambunk skidder felling patterns have proven easier and more productive for the feller buncher and provide the following benefits:

The TG88E Clambunk Skidder features :

  • Increased feller buncher production.
  • Easier to skid a steady wood flow to the delimber for hot logging.
  • Less landing problems with high wood decks at road side.
  • Verified less wood breakage than conventional skidder application.
  • Huge cost saving by reducing road construction.
  • Most effective skidding method to maximize spacing between feller buncher trails for the two-into-one harvesting methods.
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